Food Industry and Nutrition

Kalys is specialised in food ingredients and additives of plant origin and more particularly in hydrocolloid gums like Agar, Konjac, Tara, Inulin to name but a few. Kalys offers a wide range of flours and extracts covering the needs of the food, Nutrition, comsetics and pharma/health industries. Purified from plant or algal sources our gums are efficient substitutes of animal ingredients. They provide varying textures (juiciness, creamlike mouth feel, gelled, soft to hard mouth bite), reduced caloric intake (fat replacers, low calorie sugars, glycemic management, satiety) and can improve intestinal ecology (fibers, prebiotic).


Coming from natural sources, our raw materials incorporate the riches of their environment: climates, soils, local know-how. Our dedication to the raw materials and integration of the supply chain allow us to offer standardized products and constant functionality and purity.


As we can also source customize quality meeting high level of technical specifications, some of the world food leaders are now KALYS’ customers.